Specialization in Psychology

Liberal Studies (BLS)

Liberal Studies (BLS) Specialization in Psychology

In Psychology specialization, students study the foundations of psychology. This specialization is designed for students seeking to find work or advance as mental health paraprofessionals and for students who plan to continue on to graduate study. The program prepares graduates with the necessary prerequisites for graduate education in psychology, or to support graduate training in related fields such as social work, law, counseling, education, or organizational behavior.

Students graduate as more informed citizens, with a better understanding of human behavior and ethics. This specialization is also appropriate for students working in public safety or health-related fields, providing them with critical tools for supporting the public.

Requirements For The Bachelor Of Liberal Studies:


    Students pursuing the BLS degree must select or transfer the following two courses in the distribution or take them as general electives:

    PSY 206 Principles of Psychology­HUM 303 Modern Currents in the Humanities

Requirements For The Psychology Specialization (30 Credits):

  • For all specializations, students will complete a core introductory and capstone course (6 credits):

    BLS 299 Critical Approaches to Liberal Studies­BLS 499 Liberal Studies Capstone

    • PSY 304 - Essentials of Lifespan Development
    • PSY 305 - Personality Development
    • PSY 410 - Group Dynamics and Decision-Making or PSY 428 Human Sexuality
    • PSY 412 - Adult Psychopathology
    • PSY 425- Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling or PSY 434 Behavioral Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence
    • PSY 301 - Psychology of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    • PSY 306 - Psychology of Women
    • PSY 311 - Survey of Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
    • PSY 320 - Tests and Measurements* (MAT 152 prerequisite)
    • PSY 329 - Understanding and Coping with Stress
    • PSY 331 Counseling Techniques for Managers
    • PSY 370 Social Psychology
    • PSY 410 - Group Dynamics and Decision-Making
    • PSY 416 Dynamics of Adult Living
    • PSY 417 - Psychology of Aging
    • PSY 423 - Industrial Psychology
    • PSY 425 Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling
    • PSY 428 - Human Sexuality
    • PSY 430 Personality Disorders
    • PSY 434 Behavioral Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

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