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Specialization in Organizational Studies

Organizational Leadership (BS)

Organizational Leadership (BS) Specialization in Organizational Studies 15 credits

The Organizational Studies Specialization is an interdisciplinary studies program that explores a variety of leadership-related topics, issues, and competencies. Students who successfully complete the Organizational Studies Specialization will:

  • Possess a foundation in the theory and practice relevant to Organizational Leadership
  • Possess related knowledge, skill and abilities that are associated with leadership success

Students may select from the following list of courses:

  • ADM 312 Training and Development
  • ADM 315 Diversity in the Workplace
  • ADM 361 Negotiation: Theory and Practice
  • PHI 368 Contemporary Problems in Ethics
  • PSY 331 Counseling Techniques for Managers
  • PSY 410 Group Dynamics and Decision Making
  • PSY 423 Industrial Psychology

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