It’s Not Just A Slogan, Barry Cares!

Arts & Sciences

Apr 14, 2021. 1 min read

Arts & Sciences It’s Not Just A Slogan, Barry Cares!

One of Barry’s guiding principles is to provide students with opportunities for growth through community engagement and service-learning initiatives. This is why we are so proud of our affiliation with His House Children’s Home, a local nonprofit organization that has provided residential care and case management services to over 14,000 at-risk children since 1989.

Access to computers is vital to the educational success of students in an increasingly technological world. Barry has committed to providing computers and internet access to the facilities at His House through Barry University’s His House Special Project. We will also be providing continuous IT support through internships with South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA). By addressing the digital divide issues in our community, we hope to have a hand in closing the gap between poverty and education.  

We are all interdependent; therefore, the successes and failures of our neighbors are also our own. In this spirit, we believe that it is our responsibility to be of service in practical ways that promote the common good. Through our collaborative and productive partnerships with organizations like His House, we hope to address the social, economic, and environmental problems impacting our global community. 

“Barry Cares” is not just a slogan for us. We want our actions to affirm our university’s commitments to knowledge, truth, compassion and respect for self and others. Watch the dedicated volunteers from our Department of Math and Sciences in action as they demonstrate the Catholic intellectual and religious traditions that guide us in the fulfillment of our missions!

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