Professional Writing Specialization

Degree Requirements

The Professional Writing specialization provides students with a background in the theories, methods, and practical skills of the field so that they can pursue a variety of careers in writing, publishing, and electronic media. The minimum grade of C is required in all major and minor courses.

Goals and Objectives

The professional writing curriculum has the following goals and objectives:

  • Demonstrating an adequate understanding of the basic principles of written organizational communication and the application of these principles to world situations.
  • Demonstrating critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Presenting material both in written and visual formats.

Core Courses - 24 credits

ENG316World Literary Masterpieces
ENG324Major American Writers
ENG331Major British Writers I
ENG332Major British Writers II
ENG404Persuasive Writing
ENG406Rhetorical Analysis
ENG410Advanced Grammar

Professional Writing Courses - 18 credits

ENG300S/T Activist Rhetoric
ENG333Intro Fiction Writing
ENG334Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENG344Professional Editing
ENG350Theories of Rhetoric and Public Discourse
ENG356Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENG362Magazine Article Writing
ENG364Multimedia Writing
ENG374Writing for the Internet
ENG444Business Writing
ENG447Technical Writing
CS325Desktop Publishing
COM416Investigative Reporting

Internship 3 - 6 Credits

Practical experience within a professional setting. Pre-requisite: Senior status (90+ credit hours); 2.50 overall GPA.  Students will create a professional writing portfolio that demonstrates rhetorical literacy, advanced writing and critical thinking skills, and the proficient use of multimedia technologies.  All paperwork must be completed before the end of the semester preceding the internship.  Prior approval of Department Chair and Dean required.

ENG499Professional Writing Internship

English / Professional Writing Minor

A minor in Professional Writing requires completion of 21 credit hours of Professional Writing courses, which must include: ENG 374, ENG 406, and ENG 499.   ENG 499 (Internship) can only be taken for 3 credits.