Autism Education Certificate (15 credits)

Enhance your expertise in working with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Learn various behavioral management techniques appropriate for children with autism and children with emotional handicaps. Become knowledgeable about educational assessment techniques and procedures to provide an objective database for individualizing instruction for children with exceptionalities.

You may complete the four certificate courses and a practicum to qualify to teach students with autism. The practicum course provides an opportunity for graduate students to apply their knowledge, strategies, and skills relevant to students with ASD in the classroom while under the close supervision mentorship of a University instructor. This program is for international and out-of-state students only.


  • ESE 673 Nature and Needs of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)
  • ESE 583A Educational Assessment of Students with Exceptionalities: Focus on ASD (3
  • ESE 527A Behavior Management & Positive Behavior Support for Children with ASD (3)
  • ESE 683 Instructional Strategies for Students with ASD: Technological and Communication Interventions (3)
  • ESE 699 - Practicum in Exceptional Student Education (3)