Graphic Design Minor

Graphic Design Minor

What is a minor in Graphic Design?

The Graphic Design minor consists of five prescribed courses from Graphic Design core (15 credits) and two courses from the Art & Design electives list below (6 credits) for a total of 21 credits. This minor is recommended for students seeking to explore design principles, theory and techniques in a formal classroom setting while continuing study in their desired major. More generally, the minor is recommended for any student who wishes to further increase their employment options within the Marketing/Advertising, publishing and technical arenas to name a few. All students will create a professional portfolio of creative work.


ART 101B
2D Design
3 credits
Introduction to basic two-dimensional design concepts, theory and techniques through the study of the principles and elements of art. Color theory and linear perspective will be introduced. (Special fee)
ART 205
Graphic Design Foundations
3 credits
An introduction to the many tools involved in the creation of professional design problems including the Macintosh platform. Students will evaluate the assignments and solve these problems using the appropriate tools. A strong focus will be placed on technology and professional presentation skills. Computer software, one, two and four-color printing and the artistic processes of graphic design will be explored. (Special fee)
ART 305
Collateral Design
3 credits
This second course in graphic design will concentrate on contemporary design principles and thought. Effective use of typography as a basis of high quality graphic design will be explored. In addition to gaining technical fluency in the Macintosh desktop publishing process, the student will be required to do projects with substantial focus given to design as well as technical skill. Interaction with fellow classmates will be fostered and employed as a resource in the conceptual and technical processes. Prerequisites: ART 101B, 205 (Special fee)
ART 325
Visual Communications
3 credits
An exploration of visual systems, processes, and media for the expression of mental concepts in visual terms. This course will increase the student’s visual attentiveness and enhance their aesthetic and individual style. In addition to the examination of commercial trends and practices, the student will explore narrative structures and the artist book. Prerequisite: ART 305 (Special fee)
ART 335
3 credits
This course builds upon earlier typographic theory and practices discussed in ART 305. The class will explore the communication of ideas through the use of typography. This curriculum will allow the student to study past typographers and their contributions to graphic arts and foster a greater understanding of the origins of typographic design. Prerequisite: ART 305 (Special fee)

Art & Design Electives (6 Credits)

ART 333
Poster Design
3 credits
Students will explore the specific skills necessary to design posters as a means of mass communication. Working with large text formats, students will develop skills in research, the development of concepts and content, analysis and editing, and technical execution of typographic solutions. Critical thinking will be employed as purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in response to observations made by the student when evaluating creative solutions. Prerequisites: ART 305
ART 350
Packaging Design
3 credits
This course in packaging design will offer the student the opportunity to work solely on three-dimensional packaging concepts. Starting with smaller projects such as a CD cover and moving toward packaging, branding and construction of a packaging identity program, the student will be challenged to generate portfolio quality packaging through the use of a computer. As part of each project’s development, the student will be involved in thorough research of the product and the audience. Prerequisites: ART 205 and 101B. (Special fee)
ART 367
The Art of Web Design I
3 credits
A basic introduction to the art of web design used as an informational and expressive visual medium through the use of software programs. Prior knowledge of computer basics and Adobe Photoshop required. The class will cover individual creativity, design skills, web development techniques as well as discussions about digital artists, web structure and critical reviews of existing art web sites. Prerequisites: CS 180, PHO 305 equivalent courses or instructor approval. Prerequisites: ART 101B and 205. (Special fee)
ART 405
Design Methodology
3 credits
In this course students will research and develop design elements which identify and advertise a corporation. Logos/trademarks, stationery, corporate collateral, uniforms and vehicle identification will be researched, created and produced. All projects will be carried to final portfolio quality. Prerequisite: ART 305 (Special fee)
ART 433
Expressive Typography
3 credits
This course will be an exploration of design using text, typefaces and typographic technology to create professional typographic solutions. Typographic exercises will explore congruency between visual and verbal hierarchies, expressive use of typographic form, format/informational organization problems, and technical details of typographic specification and computer layout. In addition to a variety of projects focusing on typographic design, students will be expected to create and implement a new/unique typeface consisting of 52 characters and 10 numbers. Pre-requisite: ART 425. (Special fee)
ART 445
Advertising and Design Production
3 credits
This course addresses advertising design/production and client research. Ad campaigns and packaging concepts will be the specific design focus of this class. Utilizing contemporary design theory and tools, students will conceptualize, create and execute designs in a professional manner. This course will further reinforce the students’ technical and problem solving skills by working with existing products instead of theoretical items. Prerequisite: ART 305. (Special fee)
ART 467
The Art of Web Design II
3 credits
The intent of this course is to provide an experience that integrates the design aesthetics learned in the graphic design into this web design course. In addition to reinforcement of design principles learned in previous design coursework, the use of current industry standard software products and end-to-end web site construction will be explored. The implementation of kinetic graphics as they are being used in the advertising and design industries will be an important component to this course of study. This course will place heavy focus on design principles, kinetic type, navigation and the visual interface of the website. Prerequisite:ART 367 (Special fee)