Stephen Althouse

Books / Catalogs:

  • Blazier, W. M. et al (2009) Stephen Althouse, Tools and Shrouds
    Boca Raton, FL: Boca Raton Museum of Art, ISBN 0-936859-79-2, seventeen photographs and text
  • Barrett, T. (being published 2009) Making Art: Form and Meaning
    New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers, one photograph and text
  • Stern, B.S. Editor (2008) Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue
    Chapter by Mullins, H.C. Exploring Metaphors of Meaning, Narratives of Hope
    Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishers, ISBN 13:9781593119904, p.73-86, two photographs and text
  • Schelhorn, T. (2005) 7. Internationale Fototage Mannheim/Ludwigshafen
    Mannheim, Germany: Das Bild Forum, ISBN: 3898232484, p.8, one photograph and text
  • Facio, S. (2005) Colección Fotográfica del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Azotea Publishers, ISBN: 9509536318, p.114, one photograph and text
  • Baum, P. (2001) Photographie, die Sammlung
    Linz, Austria: Neue Galerie der Stadt Linz, p.21, two photographs and biography
  • Motz, D. (1999) Kreative Bildgestaltung
    Munich, Germany: Laterna Magica Publishers, ISBN: 3874677885, p.112, one photograph and text
  • Meyers, J. F. (1989) The Language of Visual Art
    New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston Publishers, ISBN: 0030126045, p.224-225, one photograph and text
  • Faulkner, et al (1987) Art Today
    New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston Publishers, ISBN: 0030640393, p.174, one photograph and text


  • May 2007 Open End, Oxford, Ohio, p. 148-157, two photographs and two essays on the artist’s work
  • May/Jun 2004 ProfiFoto, Düsseldorf, Germany, p. 4-5, one photograph and article on the artist
  • May 2003 Tulane Review, New Orleans, Louisiana p. 64-65, one photograph
  • Apr 2000 Chicago Art Journal, Chicago, Illinois p.96-97, two photographs
  • Jun 1998 Color Foto, Munich, Germany p.6-13, fourteen photographs and article on the artist
  • Dec 1996 National Geographic, Washington, D.C. p.1, one sculpture and article on the artist
  • Sep 1989 The Photo Review, Langhorne, Pennsylvania p.45, one photograph
  • Sep 1989 Photopaper , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania p.12
  • Aug 1988 Careta, Peruvian Magazine, Lima, Peru p.71, one photograph and article on the artist
  • Jul 1988 Oiga, Peruvian Magazine, Lima, Peru p.77, one photograph and article on the artist
  • Oct 1983 Photomethods, New York, New York p.39, two photographs
  • Jul/Aug 1983 Art Papers, Atlanta, Georgia p.3 and 16, two photographs and article on the artist
  • Apr/May 1982 Marquee, Magazine of the Arts, Miami, FL p.40-45, six photographs and article on the artist
  • Feb/Mar 1982 Animal Kingdom, New York, New York p.12, one photograph
  • Nov 1981 Discover, Time/Life Magazine, New York, New York p.69, one photograph
  • Sep 1976 Aura, Boston, Massachusetts p.22, one photograph
  • June 1976 Aura, Boston, Massachusetts p.33

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