Artist Certificate In Music Performance

Music Career Options

Each developing artist needs to follow his own unique journey. This Artist Certificate in Music Performance program serves to bridge the gap between the undergraduate student profile and the performing artist pursuing either a performing career or a graduate performing degree.

Admission Requirements

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • video or live audition with repertoire requirements specific to instrument or voice
  • Finalists will be asked to have an interview in person or via Skype with music faculty


A one- year residency program at Barry University with total of 24 credits. Each semester would include 12 credits of private lessons, coachings, ensemble and performance workshop.

Recommended Course Of Study:

24 credits total
17 credits required
7 credits of electives

Semester 1 (12 credits total)
(8 credits required plus 4 elective credits)
MUS 3352crApplied Lesson
MUS 3382crApplied Lesson
MUS 3861cr Ensemble
MUS 3922crPerformance Workshop
MUS 4221crInstrumental Interpretation
MUS XXX4crElectives listed below

Semester 2 (12 credits total)
(9 credits required plus 3 elective credits)
MUS 4872crApplied Lesson
MUS 4902crApplied Lesson
MUS 3922crPerformance Workshop
MUS 1861crEnsemble
MUS 4221crInstrumental Interpretation
MUS 4971crSenior Seminar
MUS XXX3crElectives listed below

Elective credits for Artist Certificate (7 credits total)
MUS 4201crVocal Interpretation
MUS 3751cr Piano Pedagogy
MUS 4881crVocal Pedagogy
MUS 3091crVocal Literature 1
MUS 3102crConducting 1
MUS 3852crConducting 2
MUS 3021crAccompaniment
MUS 3352crApplied Lesson (secondary instrument)
MUS 3381cr/2crApplied Lesson (secondary instrument)
MUS 2231crPiano Literature 1
MUS 2341crPiano Literature 2
MUS 3861crEnsemble (other sections including Composition)