Audition Information

Music Audition Dates For 2020-2021

Beginning at 1:00pm

  • Friday, February 28th
  • Friday, March 27th
  • Friday, April 3rd

Please call Jennifer Irizarry at 305-899-3420 to schedule your personal audition time or email JIRIZARRY@BARY.EDU

Audition Requirements Music Program


  • Scales: Major and chromatic scales, one to two octaves.
  • 2 Contrasting Etudes.
  • Technique:  Technical study or ├ętude from any standard method book that will demonstrate levels of technique and potential for advancement.
  • Musical: Lyrical study or ├ętude from any standard method book that will demonstrate levels of musicality.

Repertoire: One selection with contrasting movements that demonstrate technical ability, tone quality, musicality, and sense of style.  Selections may be chosen from any repertory, including but not limited to classical and jazz.

FLUTE Requirements

  • All major scales and arpeggios full range of the flute.
  • Mozart G-Major Concerto - First Movement

Two contrasting movements from the standard repertoire demonstrating technical command of the instrument as well as lyrical capabilities. 

GUITAR Requirements

  • Two octave major and minor scales, (played rest stroke and free stroke).
  • Two selections from the standard etudes of Carcassi, Op. 60 and Sor, Segovia edition.
  • Adequate musical performance of minor works by Milan, Bach, Tarrega.

PIANO Requirements

  • Major and minor scales
  • Two contrasting pieces representing Baroque, Classical or Romantic style periods.

PERCUSSION Requirements

  • 3 Major and 3 Minor scales, two octaves each, to be performed ascending and descending on marimba.
  • 1 snare drum etude or short piece, and one mallet (marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone) etude or short piece.
  • Drum set and/or hand percussion performance is not required, but is accepted and encouraged.  The mallet selection may be a work for either two, three, or four mallets.

VIOLIN Requirements

  • Any 3 octave major scale
  • Two contrasting pieces, or a fast and a slow movement from a concerto or sonata.
  • Suggestions: Mozart Violin Concerto #3, #4 or #5

Bruch Concerto
Mendelssohn Concerto
Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A minor or G minor
Bach Concerto in A minor
Bach Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas
Handel Sonatas
Corelli "La Folia"
Kreisler "Prelude and Allegro"
Vitali "Chaconne"

VOICE Requirements

  • Aural pitch recognition and basic sightsinging
  • Two contrasting selections. Suggestions include: an art song (English, Italian, French or German), a musical theatre selection, and/or a published folk song or spiritual with piano accompaniment.