Preparing You for a Career in Photography

Focus on Photography

Preparing You for a Career in Photography

Our successful photography students are visually oriented and have a passion for image-making with a focus on quality and tapping into their imagination. Success in Creative Photography or commercial photography requires self-motivation and a drive to excel. The program is designed to be a path of discovering yourself as an artist.

The field of Biomedical and Forensic Photography has well-defined and distinct career opportunities. Our graduates have been placed around the country, due to the stature and quality of Barry's program.

Goal of the Program

Our goal is to produce graduates who each have an extremely strong and dynamic portfolio of highly original, creative, unique, and technically-perfect work. Program coursework isn't just about satisfying assignments, but goes towards building an impressive portfolio of photographic imagery.

Your photographic studies will culminate in your senior exhibition, a challenging and exciting project. You'll be treated as an artist as you work on this throughout your final semester, creating new works specifically for your exhibition. This will give you the experience of planning and mounting an exhibition with professional quality, plus the satisfaction and self confidence as an artist / photographer.

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