Dance Theatre Production Specialization

(B.F.A. 60 credits min., B.A. 36 credits. min.)

"If dance is to be brought into universal use, if it is to help in the development of a more general appreciation of human art values, it must be considered educationally." Margaret N. H'Doubler, Dance: A Creative Art Experience

The Dance Theatre Production Specialization is designed for students with a performance interest in both Theater and Dance. The Dance Theatre Production specialization electives provide a diverse selection of dance courses to better prepare students interested in a Theater Dance Production career. In addition to having performance possibilities in annual dance concerts and involvement in University theatrical productions, students may participate in dance workshops and student choreography.


The Dance Theatre Production Specialization within the Theatre major fosters creativity, mastery of varied dance techniques, and the training of the artist-scholars, through classes in World Dance, Modern, Ballet, Jazz dance and Repertory Ensemble.

Combining a Liberal Arts education with a dance curriculum the student receives:

  • Training by professionally trained faculty and adjuncts;
  •  Performance opportunities, and the chance to work collaboratively;
  •  The opportunity to develop and articulate your aesthetic both as a choreographer and as a dancer.

Training with and performing in the University Dance Company "BURDE," provides student the opportunity to work with professional dancers and choreographers and perform in the University's Broad Auditorium, or in an alternative dance space which expands the performance experience.

Collaborations with live musicians and interaction with professional dance companies round out the opportunities to hone the dancers' skills.

The program is designed to help students articulate both their creative and physical goals, and to prepare students with a competitive edge for careers in dance or dance/theatre and graduate school. Classes and workshops on topics such as choreography, dance production, kinesiology, and dance history equip the student with a more well-rounded college experience.

In keeping with the Mission of the University's commitment to collaborative service to the community, the University's Dance area presents performances both on campus and in venues around the city of Miami Shores.

Theatre Core18 credits
TH 100Intro to Theatre3 credits
TH 105Intro to Tech. Theatre 3 credits
TH 111Technical Theatre Lab I
(min 2 credits required)        

1 credit
1 credit

TH 155Acting I: Fundamentals3 credits
TH 439Theatre History I3 credits
TH 440Theatre History II3 credits
TH 497Senior Seminar1 credits

Dance Theatre Production Specialization Requirements:   8 credits
DAN 109 Modern Dance I  2 credits
DAN 180 Repertory Ensemble 1 credit
DAN320 Dance Composition/Choreography  2 credits
DAN 410 Dance Production 3 credits

Dance Theatre Production Specialization Electives: 34 cr. min. for B.F.A degree/
10 cr.min. for B.A. degree
DAN 104Dance Appreciation3 credits
DAN 105Ballet I2 credits
DAN 108Theatrical Movement1 credits
DAN 110Modern/Jazz Dance I2 credits
DAN 119Latin Dance I 2 credits
DAN 180Repertory Ensemble1-2 credits
DAN 199Special Topics in Dance2 credits
DAN 205Ballet II2 credits
DAN 209Modern Dance II2 credits
DAN 210Modern/Jazz Dance II2 credits
DAN 219Latin Dance II 2 credits
DAN 220Dance Composition/ Choreography I2 credits
DAN 300Special Topics in Dance2 credits
DAN 305Ballet III 2 credits
DAN 309Modern Dance III2 credits
DAN 310Modern Jazz III2 credits
DAN 325Dances of African Diaspora3 credits
DAN 380Repertory Ensemble 1-2 credits
DAN 429History and Philosophy of Dance3 credits
TH 180Theatre Ensemble 1 credits
TH 380Theatre Ensemble 3 credits

TH 459

Independent Study

3 credits
THAny TH elective not listed above1-6 credits

Dance Minor

The Dance Minor consists of 21 credits of DAN courses. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses.