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Technical Theatre Specialization

(B.F.A. 60 credits min., B.A. 36 credits. min.)

The Technical Theater Specialization allows students to combine technical elective courses in order to concentrate on a variety of theater design and technology areas. Through involvement in University productions, students can expect significant hands-on production experience corresponding to the theory taught in Technical Theatre and related courses.

Theatre Core18 credits
TH 100Intro to Theatre3 credits
TH 105Intro to Tech. Theatre3 credits
TH 111Technical Theatre Lab I
(min 2 credits required)

1 credit
1 credit

TH 155Acting I: Fundamentals3 credits
TH 439Theatre History I3 credits
TH 440Theatre History II3 credits
TH 497Senior Seminar3 credit
Technical Specialization Requirements14 credits
TH 211Technical Theatre, Lab II1 credit
TH 311Technical Theatre, Lab III1 credit
TH 391Lighting Design3 credits
TH 392Scene Design3 credits
ART 101ABasic Drawing3 credits
ART 330 World Art II3 credits

Technical Specialization Electives:BFA: 28 credits min.
BA: 4 credits min.
TH 180Theatre Ensemble1 credit
TH 185Stagecraft3 credits
TH 208Principles of Light & Sound3 credits
TH 295Principles of Costume and Makeup3 credits
TH 300Special Topics3 credits
TH 380Theatre Ensemble3 credits
TH 389Critical Readings3 credits
TH 441Contemporary Theatre3 credits
TH 459Independent Study3 credits
TH 499Internship3 credits
ART 101B2-D Design3 credits
ART 102AFigure Drawing3 credits
ART 102B3D Design3 credits
ART 204Color Foundations3 credits
ART 260Basic Painting3 credits
ART 329World Art I3 credits
ART 41720th Century Art3 credits
ART 415History of Graphic Design3 credits
PHO 305Computer Imaging I3 credits
THAny TH elective not listed above1- 6 credits

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