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What Do You Make?

This theatrical event is based on the work of spoken word artist/lecturer Taylor Mali. Through dynamic sound, choreography, and spoken word, it focuses on the simple yet inspiring question, “What do you make?” to elevate the vocation of teaching and the love of learning.

Directed by Elena Garcia
February 2011
Broad Center for Performing Arts


  • Naja Corbett
  • Giordan Diaz
  • Greyssan Felipe
  • Jasmine Fluker
  • Jovon Jacobs
  • Natasha Moonilall
  • Emilie Paap
  • Elizabeth Price
  • Kathleen Robiou
  • Eric Sanchez
  • Mary Sansone
  • Donzell Williams


What Do You Make?
What Do You Make?
What Do You Make?
What Do You Make?

Oh oh ....

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