Honors Program at Barry University

The mission of the Honors Program is to recruit academically outstanding undergraduates to Barry University, challenge them with a rigorous curriculum, and support them with academic advising and co-curricular programming. Together, the Honors Program and Barry University provide these students with a small, intellectually and culturally vibrant environment within the context of a university actively engaged in exploring all areas of human interest and concern. The Honors Program's students simultaneously benefit from being with others of the same intellectual preparation and commitments but different talents and interests.

Honors classes are small (usually 10 - 15 students), are taught by carefully chosen faculty and emphasize students' active involvement in their learning. The Honors Program provides plentiful opportunities for individual study, including the senior honors thesis, to give students exciting experiences in following their intellectual curiosity.

Students in the Honors Program are qualified for the Honors Program Scholarship of up to $5,000 per academic year. The scholarship is guaranteed for the duration of their bachelor's degree program at Barry provided that they meet the program's requirements. The Office of Financial Aid will be happy to assist students in determining their eligibility.

Contact Name: Pawena Sirimangkala, Ph.D., Director
Phone: 305-899-3453
Office: Lehman 336