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Barry University - Honor Societies

Alpha Chi

A national coed honor society, Alpha Chi translates to truth and character and promotes those same attributes among undergrads. Barry admits no more than the highest 10 percent of graduates.
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Barry University - Honor Societies

Delta Epsilon Sigma

Established in 1939 to honor students, faculty, and alumni of Catholic colleges and universities, Delta Epsilon Sigma recognizes academic achievement, fosters scholarly activities, and creates intellectual community. Members are in the top 20 percent of their graduating class.
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Barry University - Honor Societies

Kappa Gamma Pi

Even though its name means Catholic Women Leaders, this national Catholic college graduate honor society also welcomes men and non-Catholics. With its motto of Faith and Service, it honors scholarship and Christian excellence. Membership is a promise to continue serving church and community.
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Barry University - Honor Societies

Phi Eta Sigma

Honoring academic excellence among freshmen, Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1923 and has over 375 U.S. chapters and over 700,000 members. As America's oldest and largest freshman honor society, it awards several scholarships a year to deserving members. 
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