Loan Forgiveness

What is loan forgiveness?

The practice of loan forgiveness involves the federal government cancelling all or part of an educational loan under certain circumstances. To qualify, you must:

  • Perform volunteer work
  • Perform military service
  • Teach or practice medicine in certain types of communities
  • Meet other criteria specified by the forgiveness program

Can my loan be forgiven if I have defaulted on it?

No, defaulted loans are ineligible for forgiveness.

How can I find out about other opportunities not listed below?

Contact your employer and inquire as to whether or not they provide any type of loan forgiveness.

TeachersFull-time/part-time teachers working in public, Title I schoolsUp to $5000 reduction after 5 years $17,500 reduction for special-ed, math and science teachers 100% Perkins forgiveness after 5 yearsFFELP Federal Direct Perkins
Public ServiceFull-time professionals employed in public serviceAny remaining debt after 10 years of repaymentFederal Direct
MilitaryPersons who served or are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces (Military service is also included under public service professions)Partial cancellation of loan for service in the United States Armed Forces if military service was for a full year in a hostile area Federal Direct Perkins
Child Care ProvidersPersons with a degree in the field of early childhood education and who are childcare providers in a facility that serves a low-income communityUp to 100% of loan forgivenFFELP Federal Direct

Listed below are websites you may find helpful for further research on student loan forgiveness. You may also contact your lender for additional information as well.