Guardianship Services

The Institute for Professional Guardianship and Elder Services (IPGES) provides professional guardianship services to adults in Broward County. Professional guardianship is different from public guardianship as professional guardians serve individuals that have the ability to pay for the professional guardianship services that are rendered.

The process to obtain a professional guardian for someone in need is to call IPGES to obtain an assessment. IPGES will gather information and meet with the alleged incapacitated person (AIP) to determine whether the individual meets IPGES' criteria and appears to be appropriate for guardianship. If guardianship appears to be appropriate for the AIP, then a petition will need to be filed to begin the incapacity proceedings. The court appoints a three-member examining committee who will meet with and review the AIP's case as well as an attorney to represent the AIP and protect his/her rights. If the AIP is found to be incapable of exercising certain rights, the court will then determine whether the person is totally or partially incapacitated. A professional guardian is then appointed to manage the affairs of the AIP by exercising delegable rights as deemed appropriate by the court.

Barry University guardianship programs ensure that the nation’s most vulnerable population is protected from abuse and exploitation.