The Office  of the Public Guardian

Institute for Professional Guardianship and Elder Services

Barry University d/b/a The Institute for Professional Guardianship and Elder Services (IPGES) started providing professional guardianship services to adults as a non-profit under the auspices of the School of Social Work in 2012. IPGES was created not only to provide professional guardianship and care coordination services, but also as a way to help fund the public guardianship’s ability to serve more indigent cases in Broward County. This makes IPGES unique amongst other professional guardianship programs. Our licensed and masters level professionals are advocates for social justice for all individuals especially those who have been declared incapacitated. They ensure to promote a fair and just relationship between the individuals and society. In addition, IPGES provides care coordination services as a way to assist families and loved ones in providing care to individuals that have not been declared incapacitated, but need extra assistance.