Bachelor of Science in Administration, Specialization in Health Services Administration

Students having health care experience should begin study with either HSA 319 Health Care Finance, HSA 339 Health Law, or HSA 410 Management in Health Care. This experience requirement consists of at least five years of experience, preferably with at least one year in a supervisory or management capacity. Otherwise, students should begin with HSA 301 The Health Care System, which is required prior to the six required courses in Health Care Administration. Students who wish to enroll in HSA courses without the experience requirement or the HSA 301 prerequisite may take the 400 level course work only with permission of the academic coordinator. In addition, HSA 499, Capstone in Health Service Administration is designed to be the final, course in the Health Service Administration program.

  • Distribution Requirements - 45 Credits
  • Required Portfolio - Up To 30 Credits
  • Electives - Variable
  • BS in Health Services Administration 30 Credits


Students pursing the Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration program are required to submit an Experiential Learning Portfolio.


Tuition is $454.00 per undergraduate credit hour for our adult learner programs. One class is $1,362.00. We offer special tuition discounts that you could be eligible to receive. Please contact a recruitment team member to determine your eligibility.


Students should plan their programs with advisor assistance so that courses can be completed in the sequence which follows.

  • HSA 319 - Health Care Finance
  • HSA 339 - Health Law
  • HSA 410 - Management in Health Care
  • HSA 425 - Public and Community Health
  • HSA 475 - Issues in Health Care
  • HSA 499 - Capstone in Health Services Administration

Additional Requirements - 12 credits

These can be taken in any sequence or combination.