Bachelor of Science in Administration, Specialization in Health Services Administration

301 The Health Care System (3)
An overview of the United States health system examining the facilities and organizations which make up the system, as well as a survey of the economic, social, and political aspects of the health care system.

319 Health Care Finance (3)
The concepts of financial management for health care institutions relating to acquisition, planning, budgeting, and control of funds to meet organizational objectives

339 Health Law (3)
Examination of the broad legal aspects that have an impact on the operation of health care, including an introduction to the legal system, as it pertains to the health care system, health related legislation, regulatory agencies and issues affecting health care facilities, and medical malpractice (same as PLA 339).

410 Management in Health Care (3)
Application of management theory, concepts, and principles as these relate to health care organizations. Case studies are utilized to analyze the practical application of management concepts and principles.

425 Public and Community Health (3)
Study of the impact on the health status of individuals as a result of public health practices and services, including topics in epidemiology and preventive measures.

441 Health Care for the Elderly (3)
An overview of the physical, social, and health care needs of the older adult, including long-term care nursing services and alternatives in use today.

459 Independent Study in Health Administration (3)
This course is primarily designed for the student to take part in an in-depth research or an action-oriented project under the supervision of the faculty advisor. Preparation and approval of the content must be made one semester in advance.

475 Issues in Health Care (3)
An examination of current issues facing the health care industry including delivery of care, access to care, costs, and quality of services as well as national and state health policy.

499 Capstone in Health Service Administration (3)
This course is designed for students to integrate and synthesize the learning experiences acquired in the Health Service Administration program, including the management and administrative tools required by an administrator in the health care field, thus demonstrating proficiency in the field. Prerequisites: Completion of Required/Core HSA Courses or permission from Academic Coordinator. This course is for students majoring in the BS in Health Services Administration. (Offered in Spring B and Fall B terms only)