Hospital Partnership Cohort

The Master of Science Program in Health Services Administration and Public Health Dual Degree at Barry University provides for staff, administrators, and physicians currently working within local health care organizations an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and careers by way of establishing strategic partnerships with these facilities through the development of Health Care Institutional Cohorts. Program courses are delivered on site at the health care facility.

The objective of the Health Services Administration and Public Health Dual degree is to not only to prepare professionals in the healthcare industry to serve in a variety of leadership roles within health care organizations, but also to prepare graduates of the program with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and manage public health challenges, reduce global disparities, and promote health care as a fundamental right of all human beings.

Examples of Health Care Partners who have offered our classes/programs at their facilities include:

  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Miami Children's Hospital
  • Delray Medical Center
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • Memorial Health Care System

If you are interested in offering this program at your facility please contact us at or call 305-899-3237. We offer tuition discounts to healthcare institutions.