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Why Choose Barry?

The Master of Science degree program in Health Services Administration (MSHSA) provides a unique learning experience in keeping with the university mission. Barry students find highly-regarded faculty always available and willing to mentor them in a caring environment. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in professional, community, and religious activities.

The health professional interested in graduate study in Health Services Administration must choose between pursuing a business degree where only three or four courses of the entire program involve health administration, or a uniquely designed degree program where all the courses focus on health administration and are taught by highly-regarded faculty who are experienced health care executives. Barry University's unique M.S. in Health Services Administration program is designed to meet the needs of health professionals, and others, in developing and enhancing the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for such leadership positions amidst the constant changes in health care delivery, managed care, policy regulation, and a diversified consumer environment. The program empowers students in the critical evaluation of theoretical and research perspectives in all specialty areas of health administration and the practical application of these insights into their daily professional work.

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