Faye Milne, MSN, RN

Faye Milne

Office: Wiegand 208
Phone: 305-899-3819


MSN, Master of Science in Nursing Education, South University, School of Nursing, 2011
BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Florida International University, 1989
ASN, Associate of Science in Nursing, Miami-Dade Community College


Faye Milne has been teaching nursing at Barry University since 2001. Ms. Milne started as a part-time lab faculty member, working with junior level nursing students in the Nursing Resource Center, helping to build the foundations of nursing practice for these students. Ms. Milne has been a full-time faculty member since 2011 teaching entry level students the essentials of professional nursing. Ms. Milne truly enjoys taking students, who are essentially a blank slate, and opening their minds and spirits to the wonderful world of nursing while creating ways to engage learners and make learning fun.


Faye Milne is currently working on a research project examining perceptions of nurses regarding the influenza vaccine. Ms. Milne’s research proposal for her graduate degree involved the perceptions of nurses of smartphones in the healthcare environment. Another area of interest for some possible research, in the future, might include examining better uses of technology to enhance student learning.