Sharon Kegeles

Sharon Kegeles, Assistant Professor, Facilitator, SM-Diving Industry

A diving industry specialist and entrepreneur, Ms. Kegeles has served as educational and risk management consultant to several community organizations and diving businesses in the retail sector. She has developed niche markets in the diving business world and has fostered leadership programs integrating education, safety, and lifetime environmental interaction.

Her passion for providing students with the highest quality experiences possible to facilitate the growth of emerging student leaders has earned international recognition through induction as a member to the International Women's Diving Hall of Fame.

While providing such experiences, Ms. Kegeles has been recognized internationally by the Government of Bonaire as an official Tourism Ambassador. This honor is bestowed on those who have had a positive impact on the tourism industry of Bonaire and are also known as an advocate for the preservation of Bonaire's natural resources.

She can be found in the waters of Bonaire every summer, educating students about international travel, planning reef clean ups for some of the most recognized and photographed dive sites in the world and facilitating the growth and maturity of emerging industry leaders.

Ms. Kegeles received her undergraduate degree from Barry University's distinctive SMDI program and her MS in Higher Education Administration from Barry's Graduate School of Education.