Nataniel Boiangin PHD, CMPC

Nataniel Boiangin

Nataniel Boiangin is an Assistant Professor in the Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Master's program and Director of the Sport & Exercise Psychology Laboratory in the Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences. He is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC) and has been educated in the field of Sport & Exercise Psychology from Florida State University. Nataniel comes from a music and coaching background, which assists him in aspects of his consulting, research, and teaching.

Nataniel's primary line of research is on enhancing an athlete's performance by improving their sport-related decision-making by means of visual attentional technologies. His dissertation research focused on the effects of stroboscopic training on tennis serve-return accuracy. Improving one's visual attention is the first step in the sport-related decision-making model. Therefore, enhancing one's visual attention can assist in making better decisions during competition. Other lines of research include attentional focus, creativity, and application of technology for performance enhancement.

As a consultant, Nataniel has worked with both youth and adult athletes at various levels (i.e., travel, club, NCAA), coaches, and musicians. His teaching and consulting philosophy is centered on a person-centered approach integrated with facets of CBT and SDT. This approach allows Nataniel to work together with his student/client to increase their performance, in sport and/or in their academics.