Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Exercise Physiology (BS)

Distribution Requirements and Co-requisites: 56 credit-hours

As a major in Exercise Physiology, you will be required to complete 20 credit hours in science and mathematics, bringing you above the University's distribution requirements of 45 credit-hours. (Courses specifically required are listed below each subject area with a double asterisk (**) and must be completed with a grade of C or better. In addition, all SES majors and Business minor courses require a grade of C or better).

Theology and Philosophy: 9 credit-hours
THE 201Faiths, Beliefs and Traditions(3)
PHI 220Intro. to Philosophy(3)
Written and Oral Communication: 9 credit-hours
**ENG 111First Year Literature and Composition(3)
**ENG 112 OR 210Techniques of Research or Intro to Literature(3)
SPE 101 OR COM 104 OR
TH 155
Science and Mathematics: 20 credit-hours
** BIO 220/ 220LIntro to Human Anatomy and Laboratory(4)
** BIO 240/ 240LIntro. to Human Physiology and Laboratory(5)
** CHE 152/ 152LIntro. to Organic & Biological Chemistry & Laboratory(4)
** PHY 151/ 151LIntroductory Physics & Laboratory(4)
** MAT 109Pre-Calculus I(3)
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 credit-hours
** PSY 281Introduction to Psychology(3)

6 credit hours from university approved distribution list

Humanities and Fine Arts: 9 credit-hours
9 credit hours from university approved distribution list(9)
SES Core Requirements: 21 credit-hours
SES 112/ 112LCPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and Laboratory(2)
SES 210Foundations of Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)
SES 270Concepts of Fitness & Wellness(3)
SES 335Introduction to Sport Psychology (3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Sport & Recreation(3)
SES 361/ 361LExercise Physiology and Laboratory(4)
SES 480Contemporary Issues & Ethics in Sport(3)
Exercise Physiology Major Requirements: 39 credit-hours
CS 180Intro to Computers(3)
SES 220Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries(3)
SES 320/ 320LKinesiology & Laboratory(4)
SES 330Nutrition for Physical Performance(3)
SES 370 / 370LFitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription and Laboratory(4)
SES 441 / 441LClinical Exercise Physiology and Laboratory(4)
SES 463Applied Physiology of Strength and Conditioning(3)
SES 486Practicum in Exercise Physiology(3)
SES 499Internship in Exercise Physiology(12)

Electives: 4 credit-hours
Recommended Courses:
SES 326Principles of Motor Learning(3)
SES 469Directed Readings in Exercise Physiology(3)
SES 479Directed Research in Exercise Physiology(3)
SES 485Legal Issues in Sport and Exercise Physiology(3)

Degree Total (Exercise Science, BS): 120 Credit-Hours

Pre-Physical Therapy and Pre-Medicine Options:

Course adjustments for chemistry and physics requirements are available for the pre-physical therapy and pre-medicine options.