Program Overview


Master of Science (MS) in Movement Science - General

The M.S. in Movement Science consists of a total of 36 credit hours. This total includes 12 credit hours of Movement Science graduate core courses (see below) and a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work as described under other Movement Science areas of specialization.

NOTE: If you lack prior undergraduate coursework in ethics from Barry University you will be required to take SES 621 from the list of electives. Movement Science Graduate Program Core (12 credit-hours)

SES 520Biomechanics(3)
SES 616Research Methodology in SES(3)
SES 689Thesis(6)
SES 679Internship/Project

Movement Science Course Requirements (24 credit-hours)

Design a plan of study from among the following courses. The program of study may include a maximum of six hours of course work chosen from among other graduate level courses offered in the Sport and Exercise Sciences or in other academic units at Barry. The program of study MUST be submitted to your Graduate Committee for approval prior to initial enrollment in any elective course.

Movement Science Graduate Courses

SES 530Managing the Sport Enterprise(3)
SES 537Sport Psychology(3)
SES 541Cardiac Rehabilitation(3)
SES 541LCardiac Rehabilitation Laboratory(1)
SES 545Manual Therapy in Sports Medicine(3)
SES 546Qualitative Analysis in Biomechanics(3)
SES 547Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injuries(3)
SES 551Fitness Assessment & Program Development(3)
SES 561Advanced Exercise Physiology(3)
SES 561LAdvanced Exercise Physiology Laboratory(1)
SES 563Applied Physiology of Resistance Training(3)
SES 578ECG Interpretation and Exercise Testing(2)
SES 585Legal Issues in SES (3)
SES 590Gross Anatomy of the Musculoskeletal System(3)
SES 618Fitness and Wellness Promotion(3)
SES 621Ethics and Social Issues in Sport(3)
SES 624Advanced Statistics in SES(3)
SES 625Motor Learning(3)
SES 626Mechanical Analysis of Human Performance(3)
SES 627Instrumentation in Biomechanics(3)
SES 660Performance Enhancement Psychology(3)
SES 662Exercise Psychology(3)
SES 664Motor Development(3)
SES 668Psychophysiology of Human Performance(3)
SES 672Exercise and Energy Metabolism(3)
MBA 682Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Entrepreneurship(3)
SES 686Advanced Practicum(3)

Degree Total: M.S. in Movement Science-General 36 credit-hours