Graduate Student Housing

Transportation. The hotel is several miles from the university. You would need to provide your own transportation to campus; the University provides no transportation to and from this site.

Meal Plans. If you reside in University housing at the hotel, you may purchase a commuter student meal plan, which can be used in the dining hall, the BucStop, and Grill 155.

Rental Listing. The Center for Commuter Student Affairs posts rental/room listings submitted from residents in the surrounding area. This listing is posted strictly for your convenience. Barry does not maintain an off-campus University housing office. Barry employees do not inspect these premises, and the University does not take responsibility for any problems relating to the rental and/or use of these premises.

Contact. If you have questions regarding Barry Graduate Housing, or would like an application packet, you can contact the Office of Residential Life at or call 305-899-3875 or 1-800-756-6000, ext. 3875.