Husband and wife embark together in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Husband and wife embark together in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

A husband questions how much longer his body can sustain the arduous labor of his construction career and a wife decides to drop out of high school after being bullied.

These accounts offer a glimpse into the hardships Wilver and Lianet Quilca, husband and wife, have persevered through.  Recently, the couple celebrated their 10-year anniversary in tandem with their graduation from the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program from Barry University.

The BSN is a high quality program that prepares individuals to be responsible and respected nursing professionals. Although Wilver and Lianet considered attending other universities, their concurrent acceptance to the BSN program, in addition to the genuine and caring faculty members at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, was enough reason to call Barry University their future alma mater.

The couple, heeding the advice faculty members provided regarding the rigor of the program, sacrificed much in order to place their education as their top priority towards acquiring a successful future. Wilver and Lianet attribute their dedication to their parents and offer words of advice to current and future students.

“Growing up we saw the sacrifices our parents made to give us a better life and we want to provide the same for our children,” said the couple. “Anything’s possible; have faith and never lose it. The only one stopping you is yourself. You’ll never know unless you try.”

The program presented a unique opportunity for the couple to develop their relationship to include classmates and friends. Finding success in school and their relationship, the couple relied on good communication and immediate attention to any problems that might arise.

As participants of the Baptist Health South Florida Scholars Program – one that guides nursing students to obtain their BSN, inspires them to pursue life-long learning and exceed their potential, and provides scholarship opportunities to motivate nurses to strive for the highest levels of education – Wilver and Lianet will begin their nursing career in August working for Baptist Health South Florida.