Arjena Valls P. Reese ’16 — Making an impact in the classroom and the community

Arjena Valls P. Reese ’16 — Making an impact in the classroom and the community

What year did you graduate from Barry University?


What degree did you earn?

Master of Science — Biomedical Sciences

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I am a first semester medical student and board member of a nonprofit organization called Fundacion SOMOS. I taught undergraduate classes in anatomy and microbiology at St. Thomas University in fall 2016. I am a dance choreographer and music editor; for hobbies, I love to read, play piano and compose music.

What are you doing in your field?

I am currently a first semester student of medicine at American University of Antigua as well as a board member of a not-for-profit foundation called Fundacion SOMOS, which helps the community by providing educational workshops for people of all ages. We also provide donations to those in need and launch annual international literature contests.

Why do you love what you do?

It allows me to personally grow in many aspects. I am in love with the career I chose to study because it is teaching me skills that will enable me to help others through the practice of medicine. I also greatly enjoy my hobbies because they provide me with a sense of balance in life.

How did Barry University help you get to where you are?

Barry University helped me by reinforcing my passion of studying medicine. It was a challenging experience that gave me a broad sense of what to expect in medical school as well as extensive preparation for this field. In fact, it allowed me to currently be ahead of my class by already knowing the topics being explained. Barry University prepared me beyond expectations with a quality education and experiences, and for that I am grateful.

Any last comments?

No matter your circumstances, your dreams can become a reality as long as you are truthfully passionate about them and willing to work hard for them.