Center of Interdisciplinary Scholarship

The purpose of the Center for Interdisciplinary Scholarship (CIS) is to guide, support, and assists with the discovery, application, integration, and dissemination of scholarly work for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ (CNHS) faculty and students. The center will be guided by Boyer’s (1990) model of scholarship, which includes the scholarship of discovery, application, integration, and teaching.

According to Boyer, discoverymeans that faculty and/or students are engaged in roles or activities that promote the generation of new knowledge or the inquiry into the nature of phenomena; applicationengages theory and practice continuously and simultaneously from which new understanding can occur; integrationfocuses on interpretation of the work to bring new understanding to original research as well as promoting the interdisciplinary collaborative relationships; and teaching addresses the extended creative process that evolves over time and supports effective and engaged learning through bridge building between students and faculty.  

To accomplish its purposes, the center will:

  • Provide support in the creation of scholarly activities that lead to the discovery, application, and integration of knowledge that affects multicultural health;
  • Guide faculty and students in the design of scholarly inquiry;
  • Assist with the dissemination of scholarly work to a variety of audiences and through various means (poster/presentation and refereed publications);
  • House scholarly resources for faculty and student use;
  • Encourage clinical partnership with health care organizations to facilitate clinical research
  • Provide support to develop skills in proposal writing and publishing;
  • Review IRB proposal to assist faculty and students in preparation for submission to the University IRB.
  • Support scholarship that is created/informed by practice, community service, and/or teaching.


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