Pre-Med Specialization

A pre-med specialization in the Athletic Training program prepares you for the actual clinical skills required for the medical professions. The specialization provides the opportunity for you to add a deeper scientific foundation to your curriculum and enables you to develop skills in hands-on techniques, diagnosis, and treatment.

Medical schools focus on the sciences; we'll teach you the hand-on aspects, such as clinical assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, and the benefits of early identification in preventing injury and disease. This will prepare you for success in medical school and give you a broad background of employable skills from which you can draw.

Specialization Overview

Athletic Training is an allied-health field with a core focus on the care of physically active people, including youth sport participants, master's level athletes in the senior games, and weekend warrior. In addition to completing the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) courses required for this major specialization, you will gain the necessary interpersonal communication and physical assessment skills that are so valuable when pursuing your medical school studies. With the number of growing health issues related to human performance, our Athletic Training curriculum prepares you with an in-depth understanding of how to utilize proper prevention and management of injuries techniques to improve the daily quality-of-life for people in need.

Our rigorous curriculum prepares you to perform and interpret assessments of medical histories; functional physical ability including muscular strength, endurance, and coordination; responses to conditioning; and rehabilitation programs. Furthermore, you will receive instruction on how to work with patients requiring adaptive physical activity, as well as how to care for and prevent physical-use injuries.

Your undergraduate curriculum culminates with a two semester-long, off-campus clinical internship experience; several of our Athletic Training students have successfully utilized their internships in our clinical settings to attract favorable attention when included as part of the information in the application to medical school. Once you pass your Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), our hands-on approach to understanding, treating, and healing the human body will greatly benefit you throughout your medical school career and beyond.

Improving Your Medical School Application

Developing Skills

Our on and off-campus clinical facilities are the perfect settings to hone your patient care skills. The extensive hands-on learning activities complement the classroom lectures, and all core courses have a separate lab component that enables you to experience each lesson prior to incorporating these skills into actual supervised patient care.

Conducting Research

Highly motivated students can undertake research under the tutelage of our faculty. This is a highly advisable option to take considering how medicine is more and more evidence-based and requires a strong understanding of the process of scientific inquiry.

Strengthening Your Transcript

Following our suggested course progression will lead to your graduation in four years. Your summers will be engaged in study or you can opt for an additional year of study so that you can focus on relevant clinical experiences or additional coursework to improve your MCAT performance and strengthen your medical school application.