Testimonials: What Our Alumni Are Saying

Meredith Parry
Head Athletic Trainer
St. Thomas University
Graduate – Athletic Training

Compared to many other Athletic Training Programs in Florida, Barry University has a unique program with small class sizes that allow for optimal learning environments, and a faculty and staff that is not only passionate about the field of athletic training but are passionate about mentoring athletic training students and helping mold them into top quality ATC’s. All the professors in the ATP would work to make sure each student in class was actually “learning” the material being taught, not just making good grades. As a transfer student, I initially thought I would graduate late, but luckily, I was able to enroll in the seamless Bachelor’s to Master’s program and was able to finish both in a total of 5 years! Barry’s connections with the local community, high schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, and professional sports gave me the opportunity get a diverse field experience and helped me to make connections in order to reach my specific professional goals.  Thanks to Dr. Shapiro forwarding me a job posting that she thought I would be a good fit for, I became an assistant athletic trainer at a Division II University.  Since my advisor was able to get to know me well during my time studying at Barry, I was able to find a prestigious entry level job just weeks after graduation! I believe without the outstanding reputation of Barry’s ATP, I would not have been the number one candidate for the job.  Only three years after completing my master’s degree, I became the head athletic trainer at St. Thomas University.

Michael Summers
Owner & President
Human Performance Solutions
Graduate – Athletic Training

During my time at Barry I found the program to be of the highest quality and integrity. The fields of sports medicine and athletic training are growing rapidly. Barry is right there at the cutting edge of this knowledge base.

The design and flow of the curriculum made my time in the Athletic Training program efficient and seamless. The program is most comprehensive and progressive and, in my opinion, produces athletic trainers that are second to none. The program is not for everyone. It is difficult, it is focused, and it is structured in such a way that allows for only the most dedicated and driven students to flourish in its environment. For just that reason I thank Dr. Carl Cramer and the wonderful staff of the Sport and Exercise Sciences for providing a most enlightening educational experience.

I believe that Barry has provided me with all of the tools required to run a profitable and cutting edge company.

I enthusiastically encourage those of you who have a passion for athletic health care to aggressively seek inclusion in what I consider to be the finest Athletic Training program in the country.

Catherine Waterhouse
Athletic Trainer
Advanced Therapeutic Care Clinic
Hallandale Beach, Florida
Graduate – Athletic Training

If you had asked me where I'd be after graduating from Barry University I would have wondered myself, but without a doubt I knew I'd pursue the career for which I was diligently preparing. Granted, I can't take all of the credit because without the education and the path I chose at Barry University, I would not have had the background and knowledge that has led me to the career I love today as an athletic trainer.

The undergraduate program in Athletic Training helped me accomplish my goal. The faculty and students at Barry shared learning experiences with me that I know I could not have received anywhere else. The program delivered all that it offered and more. I received my education and field experience from some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Thanks to Barry University, I have the skills and the knowledge to do my job well.