Dr. Duncan Simpson, Associate Professor, Sport & Exercise Psychology, Coordinator of Undergraduate Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Program

Dr. Duncan Simpson


Dr. Duncan Simpson serves as an Assistant Professor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology and is the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology Program. He received his MS degree in Exercise Science from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK and his PhD in Sport & Exercise Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

His teaching experience includes various undergraduate and graduate courses in: applied sport psychology, psycho-social aspects of sport, exercise psychology, psychology of coaching, qualitative research methods and professional practice. In addition to classes taught at Barry University, he has taught at Ithaca College, NY; The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; The University of Leeds (UK) and Leeds Metropolitan University (UK).

Dr. Simpson is an active researcher and his primary research interests include: psychology of endurance sports; performance enhancement through season-long interventions; exploring the experiences of athletes training for competition; stress and coping among elite adolescent athletes; competitive state anxiety in elite adolescents; talent identification and development in physical education, and the acquisition of expertise in sport.

His research philosophy is strongly centered on letting the research question(s) dictate the methodological approach to a study. Ultimately, through supervision and graduate research classes Dr. Simpson hopes to promote and support engagement in research at the graduate level. He fully believes students should select and develop their own areas of interest and fully encourages collaboration between faculty and students on research projects.

In addition to his research activities Dr. Simpson is a certified Sport Psychologist with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology and has been consulting with athletes, teams, and coaches at all age and competition levels since 2005. Over the last six years, he has the opportunity and pleasure to work with athletes from a range of sports and varying in talent and ability (from beginners to professional athletes). He has designed, implemented and evaluated effective psychological skills training programs in a variety of contexts.

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