Program Highlights

The only program of its kind in South Florida


Our relationship with Barry’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics enables us to work alongside student-athletes and coaches. Students will be exposed to supervised field experiences with Barry’s athletes, along with many other local organizations during their applied coursework. All applied experiences will be under the supervision of a faculty member who is an AASP (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) certified consultant, enabling students to have the opportunity to participate in supervised applied experiences that may assist in preparation for certification with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP).


Our 5.1 student-faculty ratio, ensures students will receive personalized attention and strong faculty mentoring. Students will receive consistent advising focused on the selection of courses, research topics, and practicum experiences that will advance their individual career goals.


Barry’s campus provides the perfect setting for this field, allowing students to be exposed to a diverse population with a wide range of needs and experiences. Major sporting events of international significance are often held in the area, and the climate enables students to immerse themselves in a sport psychology culture that offers year-round athletic opportunities in multiple sports and recreational activities. Additionally, South Florida also has a thriving exercise and non-sport performance culture (i.e., arts, music, dance) that provides many potential opportunities to explore the role of psychology in non-sport performance settings.


The HPLS Annex facilities also include a computer lab and several meeting spaces that can be utilized for classes, research, and supervised applied practice.


Graduate students within the Sport and Exercise Sciences have the potential to receive a Merit-based scholarship for applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater. Full-and part-time enrollment opportunities are also available.