Peace Studies Minor

Why Minor in Peace Studies

Peace studies helps you to understand:

  • War and Peace
  • Violence and nonviolence
  • Theories on the achievement of Social Justice
  • Ethical, religious, philosophical, and cultural approaches to peace

Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that draws on courses from political science, history, philosophy and theology. It is designed to introduce students to the basic causes of conflict, explore alternatives to war, and examine ways to achieve social justice. A minor in Peace Studies can help prepare a student for graduate study and a variety of careers in policy analysis, government, non-governmental organizations, journalism, teaching, law and business.

To complete the minor, students will take 21 credit hours from the courses below and must include POS 325, and either PHI 321 or THE 327:

POS 325International Relations
POS 395International Organizations
PHI 292Ethics
PHI 321Freedom and Virtue
THE 438Catholic Social Teaching
THE 327Theology of Peace and Justice
HIS 404American Diplomatic History 1890 to the present

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Peace Studies are encouraged to contact Dr. E. Timothy Smith, for more information.