3 + 3 Accelerated Program

The Department of History and Political Science and the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law provide qualified history students an opportunity to earn a combined Bachelor of Arts degree and a Juris Doctor Degree. The Accelerated 3 + 3 Program allows history students to complete both undergraduate history degree and a law degree within six years rather than the traditional seven-year time period. Qualified students would complete the core undergraduate requirements within the first three years of study. The fourth year of undergraduate would also be the first year of law school. At the satisfactory completion of the first year of law school, the student would officially receive their BA in History. The accelerated program saves one year of college expenses and provides an accelerated entry into a professional career.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Pamela Hall, phall@barry.edu or 305-899-3272.

Existing program courses (if applicable)Year 1 through 3 Undergraduate Studies:
BA History – General EducationTOTAL: 51 - 52
BA History Major
HIS 101 (Western Civ I) 3
HIS 102 (Western Civ II) 3
HIS 201 (U.S. People and Ideas I) 3
HIS 202 (U.S. People and Ideas II) 3
HIS 432 (English History) 3
HIS 456 (African Am. since Recon.) 3
HIS 390 (U.S. History since 1945) 3
HIS 404 (Am Diplomatic II) 3
History elective course 3
HIS 487 (Senior Seminar)3
GEO 301 World Geography 3
Electives (may be any university courses) 6
New program courses Year 1 Law School:
Civil Procedure 5 credits [3+2]
Contracts 6 credits [3+3]
Criminal Law 3 credits
Legal Research & Writing, 1, 2 6 credits [3+3]
Property 5 credits [3+2]
5 credits [3+2]5 credits [3+2]
TOTAL 30 credits
Total = 120 or 121