Students will include the following courses as part of
the 51-credit major requirements in the six indicated component areas below and the integrative experience course.

Oral and written communication

9 credits


9 credits

ENG 111

1st.Year Composition / Literature

PHI 292


ENG 112

Introduction to Literature

PHI 308

Philosophy of Law

SPE 101

Fundamentals of Speech

PHI 310

Formal Logic

or COM 104 (Elective) Interpersonal Comm.

Theology and Philosophy

12 credits

Political Science

12 credits

THE 201

Theology: Faith, Beliefs, Traditions

POS 207

The American Courts


An additional 3 PHI credits

POS 308

Constitutional Law

PHI 220

Introduction to Philosophy

POS 425

Political Theory I

PHI 304


POS 426

Political Theory II

Mathematics and Science

9-10 cred.


9 credits

MAT 152

Elementary Probability /Statistics

HIS 201

US People and Ideas l

CS 180

Introduction to Computers

HIS 202

US People and Ideas ll

Lab Science elective

HIS 432

Modern English History

Social Sciences

12 credits


12 credits

HIS 150

The Meaning of History

BUS 181

Introduction to Business

POS 201

American Government

BUS 239

Business Law I

PSY 281

Introduction to Psychology

ECO 201

Introductory Macroeconomics

SOC 200

Perspective Consciousness Soc. Justice

ECO 202

Introductory Microeconomics

Humanities and Fine Arts

6 credits

English and Geography

A total of 6 elective credits

ENG 406

Rhetorical Analysis

3 credits

GEO 301

World Environments, People and Places

3 credits

Foreign Language

3 credits

Integrative Experience

3 credits

Depending on Placement

HIS/POS 487 Seminar