Course Descriptions

BIOE 300 Special Topics (1-3 s.h.)

Content to be determined as required for accreditation or to fill specified needs or interests.

BIOE 317 Laboratory Management Seminar ( 2 s.h.)

General introduction to laboratory management for the medical laboratory technologist; emphasis on theories, methods, and techniques used in management, with specific application to the laboratory.

BIOE 445 Microtechnique (Lecture 2 s.h., Lab 2 s.h.)

Principles and theories of fixation and staining processes; methods of preparing animal tissues; laboratory and restoration. Prerequisites: Biology 104 and Biology 450L ( Requires special permission of instructor). (Special Fee)

BIOE 450 Histology (Lecture 2 s.h., Lab 2 s.h.)

Microscopic study of animal tissues, with the relationship between structure and function stressed. Prerequisites: Biology 104, Biology 220 or 225 or 230, or approval of Director. (Special Fee)

BIOE 460 Advanced Histotechnology I (2 s.h.)

This course introduces the student to advanced aspects of histological procedures used in clinical settings. The course will focus on the theoretical basis of immunohistochemistry, enzyme histochemistry and electron microscopy, in situ hybridization procedures and microarray technology.

BIOE 465 Advanced Histotechnology II (2 s.h.)

This course is the capstone course for the histotechnology program. Students will conduct a directed research project. Students will be required to work collaboratively in the design, implementation, and presentation of their research findings.

BIOE 484 – 489 Clinical Experience I and II (4-6 s.h., each)

Execution of chosen experiential training under the direction of selected faculty members at the clinical affiliate sites. (Restricted to Histotechnology students.)

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