Lifetime Membership Dues

Alpha Chi $50.00

Delta Epsilon Sigma $55.00

Kappa Gamma Pi $50.00

Phi Eta Sigma $40.00

Students applying for Delta Epsilon Sigma, Kappa Gamma Pi, and Phi Eta Sigma, membership dues are required to be submitted along with the application. If students are not inducted into an honor society, payment submitted will be refunded. Any application submitted without dues is considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

For Delta Epsilon Sigma and/or Phi Eta Sigma, please write your check payable to Barry University, Inc.

For Kappa gamma Pi, please write your check payable to Kappa Gamma Pi.

Students applying for Alpha Chi pay their dues online and directly to Alpha Chi.

For all students: Approximately three weeks after the deadline has passed, students who completed the application process will receive an email notification from the appropriate faculty moderator(s) to regarding their application status.