Standards for Community Living

Barry University is a community of people from diverse cultural, racial, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Given this diversity, resident students have an opportunity to learn about individuality and life choices and how they impact other people. Residents can best learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and mutual respect.

Bigotry and hatred will be given no home within our university housing community. Verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, and violence, are not acceptable behaviors and there is zero tolerance for such behavior. Excuses, including alcohol or substance abuse as an excuse, reason or rationale for such behavior, will not be accepted.

We strive to create and maintain a community that is free of harassment, intimidation and/or humiliation of our residents and staff. It is our belief that actions demonstrate a commitment to respecting the differences among individuals. On-campus living provides students with opportunities for developing skills and abilities as productive citizens of the future.

Housing and Residence Life Office and Services

Housing and Residence Life Main Office
R. Kirk Landon Student Union, Room 305

Telephone: (305) 899-3875
Facsimile: (305) 899-3896
Services: Issuing university housing contracts, space assignment, general rate information, break housing information, student account information, general university housing information, summer conference housing information, day-to-day business service operations, and key issues. The offices of all professional staff are located in this suite.

Important Telephone Numbers

Kolasa DeskResident Assistant on Call
Telephone: (305) 981-1200Benincasa786-236-7825
Benincasa DeskBrowne786-236-7810
Telephone: (305) 981-5100Dalton-Dunspaugh786-236-7821
Dalton & Dunspaugh DeskMottram-Doss786-236-7823
Telephone: (305) 981-8100Sage786-236-7811
Weber DeskPublic Safety305-899-3333
Telephone: (305) 981-8200Miami Shore Police305-759-2468
Ambulance/Fire Rescue911