Program Overview

Within the multi-faceted arena of Sport Management, we offer this unique, intensive track of study in the Diving Industry. This rapidly growing recreational industry extends globally as divers of all ages and interests travel to explore the underwater realm. To preserve the ocean resources, the diving industry partners with other academic areas such as marine and environmental sciences, photography, forensics, international business and more.

You will join with other Sport and Exercise Science students in taking a common core of courses which provides a basic understanding of the body in motion during sport. This foundational knowledge is then further refined to apply to the underwater environment in theory and practice.

Within the SM-Diving Industry program your understanding of the physics and physiology of diving will enhance your underwater skills as you progress through the challenges of dive accident management and rescue and diving leadership. Traveling internationally to learn about resorts and tropical diving environments will expand your cultural awareness for global business and fortify your business minor concentration. Our distinctive program, in combination with various internal certification agencies, can also afford you opportunities to fulfill requirements leading to SCUBA instructor Certification. The culminating experience is applying all of these theories to real-life settings in a fulltime internship semester in your senior year.