Diving Industry Program Curriculum

Sport Management - Diving Industry Program Curriculum

The sport management - dive industry (SM-DI) specialization track is an area of concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management (BS) program. It consists of 133 credits that span the University distribution requirements, sport and exercise science core courses, sport management core courses, SM-DI required core courses, and a business minor. You must also satisfy various criteria prior to acceptance into the major.

Distribution Requirements and Corequisites: 47 credits

As a sport management - diving industry major, you will be required to complete 11 credits in science and mathematics, bringing you above the University's distribution requirements of 45 credits.

Courses specifically required are listed below each subject area with a double asterisk (**) and must be completed with a grade of C or better. In addition, all sport and exercise science majors and business minor courses require a grade of C or better.

Theology and Philosophy: 9 credits
THE 201Faiths, Beliefs, and Traditions(3)
PHI 220Intro to Philosophy(3)
THE/PHI Elective(3)
Written and Oral Communication: 9 credits
**ENG 111First Year Comp. and Lit.(3)
**ENG 112 / 210Techniques of Research or Intro to Literature(3)
SPE 101 or COM 104 or TH 155Elective(3)
Science and Mathematics:11 credits
**BIO 220/ 220LIntro to Human Anatomy and Laboratory(4)
**MAT 152Elementary Probability & Statistics(3)
**SES 360/ 360LApplied Exercise Physiology and Laboratory
(also required in SES Core)
Social and Behavioral Sciences: 9 credits
**ECO 201Introductory Macroeconomics
(also required for minor in Business)
**PSY 281Intro to Psychology(3)
SOC 201 or BEH/SOC Elective(3)
Humanities and Fine Arts: 9 credits
9 credit hours from university approved distribution list(9)
SES Core Requirements: 18 credits
SES 210Foundations of Sport & Exercise Sciences(3)
SES 212/ 212LEmergency Response and Laboratory(3)
SES 270Concepts of Fitness and Wellness(3)
SES 335Intro. to Sport Psychology(3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Sport and Recreation(3)
SES 360/ 360LEssentials of Exercise Physiology and Laboratory
(4 hours counted in distribution)
SES 480Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport(3)
Sport Management Major Requirements: 33 Credits
CS 180Intro to Computers


SES 250Sport and Recreational Management(3)
SES 485Introduction to Law In Sport and Exercise Sciences(3)
SES 499Internship in Sport Management or SM-Diving Industry(12)
Diving Industry Specialization Requirements: 26 credits
SES 110Intro to Diving Sciences, Technology and Management


SES 226Seamanship(3)
SES 230Recreational Diving Theory(3)
SES 240/ 240LDive Accident Management & Rescue with Laboratory(3)
SES 351/ 351LDiving Leadership Practicum with Laboratory(3)
SES 362Global Sport Diving Industry (3)
SES 365Hyperbaric Physiology (3)
SES 421Methods of Instruction in SCUBA Diving(3)
Summer Intensive Program
SES 311Tropical Diving Environments(3)
SESDive Industry Track ElectivesTBA
Minor in Business: 18 credits
ACC 201Financial Accounting(3)
ECO 201Principles of Macroeconomics
(3 hrs. counted in Distribution)
BUS 315Intro. to Information Systems(3)
MGT 305Organizational Behavior & Management(3)
MGT 352Human Resource Management(3)
MKT 306Principles of Marketing (3)
MKT 385Consumer Behavior(3)
Electives (3 hours minimum): 3 credits
Recommended Courses:
SES 260Leisure Planning and Programming(3)
SES 308Underwater Photography(3)
SES 380Facility Design & Event Management(3)
SES 440Sport Marketing Promotions & Fund Raising(3)
SES 444Financial Applications to Sport(3)

Degree total for sport management - diving industry: 133 credits