Alumni Statements

Cameron Wolfe
Class of 2011

The SM-DI program is a one of a kind program that not only gave me the knowledge I need to be successful, but it also allowed me to discover my passion. Being in the Dive Industry program is like being part of a family, everyone from current students to past students are always there to help me grow. From the pool sessions for the rescue class to the trips to Bonaire, I developed relationships that will last a lifetime. Not only did I develop strong relationships with my fellow classmates, but the relationships with my instructors are what truly inspired me to pursue my career in the diving industry. The dedication of my instructors to develop my skills as a diver and as person sparked my interest and passion to become a NAUI Instructor. Because of my experience and time at Barry in the Diving Program I was able to successfully complete my instructor course and have the confidence to pass on what I know to future divers. My goal of pursuing a teaching career is a lot closer now due to the experience I gained and help from the SMDI Family at Barry.

David Bone
Class of 2010

Being a successful dive professional encompasses more than just being a proficient diver, or just a dive instructor.  One needs the more than the diving knowledge learned by the major training organizations to become an effective in the diving industry. The Barry difference starts with a core of diving knowledge which is the basis of a foundation.  The diving knowledge is learnt through many channels, traditional classroom, and hours upon hours in the pool, along with the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean.  As a store manager and Instructor, I have lent on this foundation many times.  Without it, I would have trouble gaining respect of students and customers and would not have been able to set myself apart from the pack. 

Diving Knowledge is not the whole picture.  The business, innovation and communication skills are just as important.  The business aspect of the SMDI degree has prepared me to jump into store manager position seamlessly.   One example, as part of the program I attended the largest diving trade show, DEMA.  There I learned the important skill being able to network and explain my cause.  This is one of the many hands on examples that the SMDI program provided.  Today being able to grab the attention of people and deliver the message that they need to do business with my store is priceless. This is only one example of how the business minor coupled with the practical application strategy has helped to hit a homerun.   The program has worked exactly as planned, to give me the knowledge and experience to excel in the diving industry. 

Maddison Connell
Class of 2010

When it comes to the Sport Management-Dive Industry program, it was one of possibly the only programs that really prepared you for what the industry was going to be like. When you are going through school at any level you always wonder how this will ever apply in a real life setting. With the Dive program at Barry you are put in real life situations on a daily basis, whether it be rescuing someone from a dive related emergency or as simple as dive etiquette on a dive boat. The program also teaches students how to transfer from being a kid just out of High School to a fully independent adult. Also, because the dive industry has a Sports Management background it was very easy for myself to seamlessly transfer from working as a dive instructor in the Florida Keys to working for a professional sports team. The dive industry was like a family to me and no matter how long it goes without seeing my friends I went through the program with the moment we see each other again it is not like a day has passed. The program has two of the most knowledgeable and caring instructors that if you stick with them they will stick with you. The program is hard work but I would not trade a day in the program for a day at the beach, so to say!

Carlos Santini
Class of 2010

Coming to the SMDI program showed me a new sport/passion that I had never known.  It opened my eyes to a new experience that is unlike any other I have been a part of.

Growing in the program I was able to learn who I am as a person, and who I am as a leader.  The SMDI program gives you the tangible training you need to be a successful leader above and below the water.  Along with my effective leadership skills, I was able grasp and gain valuable experience teaching fellow students and peers.  As an added bonus to the SMDI program permits you to expand your skills set by integrating the sports management industry and business world to the curriculum.

Scott Schiralli
Class of 2008

While enrolled in the SMDI program, I was given an introduction to a field that I had never heard of before, Hyperbaric Medicine. I knew of hyperbaric chambers and that they were used for treating divers with decompression sickness, but I learned that there is an entire industry devoted to helping very sick people using hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric

Oxygen Therapy has the same physiological effects on the body as when SCUBA diving. After learning diving physics and physiology during my time in the Dive Program, I was able to take that knowledge and it was an easy transition to begin working in the related field of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The well roundedness of the SMDI program not only gave me the diving knowledge, but also gave me the business knowledge and experience to quickly work my way into a managerial position where I am able to share my knowledge with others and oversee many operations simultaneously.

Hope Doberstein Shupp
Class of 2000

Barry University is the place to find yourself and learn skills to become a productive member of society. As a Barry University Alumni from the Sport Management- Diving Industry program, I depend on my foundation education as the center of my success. Over the past few years, I have continued my education at a few masters programs located around the United States and no one compares to the warmth and caring environment Barry offers.

Currently my primary job is working as a Special Education Teacher with children who range in age from 2-6 years of age with disabilities. Each child has a different disability and educational environment which makes my job very difficult. At Barry, I learned to deal with changes and accept that sometimes things do not go as planned; especially when working with people. The Sport Management-Diving Industry program developed my professional skills by modeling appropriate interactions and acceptance of all people, as well as analyzing an environment to ensure safety and learning is occurring whether underwater, in a classroom or participating a community activity. Without my foundation education from Barry University, I would not be a successful professional working with children and individuals with disabilities.

Rebecca M. Ross
Class of 2000

Marine Biology Major, Diving Education Minor

“I came to Barry University seeking an understanding of the ocean world and a way to live my life within it. I definitely got more than I thought was possible. Not only did the diving program at Barry University give me essential tools for conducting extensive fieldwork in a liquid environment, the skills and knowledge the program taught provided a competitive edge in the marine biology industry. I am truly thankful for the guidance, instruction and the experiences my ‘Barry Family’ have granted me over the years. Thanks to them I have been living my dreams as a Marine Biologist for Miami-Dade County working within, around and on the water daily.”