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      Human Performance Academy

      Consistent with the Barry University mission and vision of advancing human potential and serving communities, the mission of the Human Performance Academy (HPA) is to promote performance excellence, wellness, and physical activity in all ages (regardless of gender, ethnicity, social identity, and/or any disabilities). This will be accomplished by:

      1. Providing quality sport and exercise science services, resources, and programs to the Barry and surrounding communities.
      2. Educating the community about the benefit and importance of exercising and/or playing sports.
      3. Motivating and empowering individuals to adopt and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.
      4. Providing the Barry University Sport and Exercise Science students with valuable first-hand experience in the field.

      The mission of the HPA attempts to contribute to the good of the community (larger society). In doing so, sport and exercise students will be expected to: (a) propose performance enhancement or wellness interventions that aim at developing human growth and life skills; (b) create and deliver workshops or several sessions during which the students would interact with children, parents, coaches, athletes, fitness leaders, exercisers, and/or performers such as musicians, dancers, or police officers; (c) engage in and develop long-term collaborative partnerships with Barry University and surrounding communities, and (d) present, summarize, reflect on, and evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach programs. These activities will then be put together each semester in the HPA Newsletter. Students will be encouraged to get actively involved in the works of the HPA.

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