Minor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

The minor is a 21-credit hour program designed specifically to service majors in the Sport and Exercise Sciences as well as those in other related programs, such as Psychology. It will provide an overview of the principles, theories, and practices underlying the psychology of sport, exercise, and performance. The curriculum reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the field as a blend of Sport and Exercise Sciences and Psychology. A student may earn a minor in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology by completing the following requirements:

Required (15 credits)
PSY 281Introduction to Psychology(3)
SES 335Introduction to Sport Psychology(3)
SES 337Introduction to Exercise Psychology(3)
SES 437Psychology of Injury(3)
Choose one:
SES 427Research in Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology(3)
SES 4XXApplied Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology(3)
SES Elective (choose 1) – note some courses may have prerequisites:
SES 173Introduction to Wellness(3)
SES 250Sport and Recreational Management(3)
SES 260Leisure Planning & Programming(3)
SES 262Recreational Leadership(3)
SES 270Concepts of Fitness and Wellness(3)
SES 326Principles of Motor Learning(3)
SES 328Theory of Coaching(3)
SES 330Nutrition for Physical Performance(3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Recreation and Sport(3)
SES 431Media Relations in Sport(3)
SES 440Sport Marketing, Promotions, and Fundraising(3)
SES 446Qualitative Analysis of Biomechanics(3)
SES 463Physiology of Strength & Conditioning(3)
SES 480

Contemporary Issues & Ethics in SES

PSY Elective (choose 1) – note some courses may have prerequisites:
PSY 283Developmental Psychology(3)
PSY 316Cognitive Psychology(3)
PSY 318Psychology of Learning(3)
PSY 325Theories of Personality(3)
PSY 343Introduction to Perception(3)
PSY 370Social Psychology(3)
PSY 413Abnormal Psychology(3)
PSY 423Industrial Psychology(3)
PSY 426Health Psychology(3)
PSY 445Community Psychology(3)
PSY 449Adolescent Psychology(3)
PSY 490Physiological Psychology(3)
PSY 494Substance Abuse(3)