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Minor in Coaching

The coaching minor is a 24 semester hour program designed specifically to service majors in other areas outside of sport management or physical education. It is for those who desire in-depth theoretical knowledge, intensive practical skill application and risk management awareness in coaching developing athletes. Students must meet prerequisites of the program before beginning coursework.

SES 220Care and Prevention of Athletic Injures(3)
SES 320Kinesiology(3)
SES 326Principles of Motor Learning(3)
SES 328Theories of Coaching(3)
SES 335Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport(3)
SES 360Exercise Physiology(3)
SES 486Practicum in Coaching(3)
Electives: (Select One)
SES 330Nutrition for Physical Performance(3)
SES 340Adapted Physical Activity, Rec., Sport(3)
SES 411Coaching Techniques for Disabled Athletes(3)
SES 480Contemporary Issues and Ethics in Sport(3)
SES 485Intro to Law in SES(3)

Degree Total (Coaching Minor): 24 Credit-Hours

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