Our curriculum allows you to apply learning immediately to impact your workplace. Learn with scholar-practitioner faculty through project-based learning. The program's coursework integrates research with real-world experiences and has a strong skill-building focus. At the core of our curriculum is the focus on learning as the vehicle to strategic long-term individual and organizational performance improvement.

Program Format

Core Courses

HRD 644HRD Theory and PracticeDelves into the key Human Resource Development (HRD) processes, competencies, and tools required to effectively lead science-based training, performance management, and leadership development functions in organizations.
HRD 645Communication in HRDDevelops an understanding of the process of communication in leadership roles and the improvement of personal skills for effective communication.
HRD 646Change and Organization DevelopmentIntroduces HRD students to organization development (OD) and exposes them to the foundational knowledge and skills to be able to lead organization-wide change initiatives. Students will learn how to create and apply behavioral-science-based interventions to manage the process of change in today’s complex organizations.
HRD 647Digital Design for E-LearningExamines the principles of designing and conducting learning experiences in organizations. Students acquire knowledge and skills to strategically use innovative e-learning technologies to impact organizational results and drive performance improvement.
HRD 659Adult Learning and MotivationExamines human learning and motivation for the purpose of creating and facilitating effective learning experiences for adults in a work-related setting.
EDR 601Methodology of ResearchExplores major research designs and methods emphasizing underlying assumptions, inquiry aims, participant selection, data collection and analysis, interpretation of findings, conclusions, and reporting.
HRD 678Practicum in HRDRequires students to combine research and consulting skills to design, develop, and implement a hands-on evidence-based project to address an HRD-related problem in an organizational setting.


HRD 648Team DynamicsEmphasizes knowledge and skills necessary to build an effective team and team relationships to carry out a work-related goal.
HRD 652Diversity in the WorkplaceExplores the training and development of a culturally sensitive workforce.
HRD 653Career DevelopmentOverviews the major theories and skill areas in educational planning, career development, and work motivation including understanding career decision-making.
HRD 667Presentation Principles, Methods, and TechniquesDevelops knowledge and mastery of competencies necessary for effective training design and implementation.
HRD 669Foundations of Organizational ConsultingFocuses on the fundamentals and best practices of the organizational consulting process and design and implementation of an effective performance consulting project. An emphasis is placed on the relationship-building and interpersonal skills required for a successful consulting engagement.
HRD 679HRD InternshipStudents will engage in supervised field experiences in an HRD-related capacity.