Pre-Employment Skills Testing

Comprehensive skills assessment testing is administered to potential candidates as a screening tool in search for the most qualified individual. The top candidate (s) may be required to test if his/her application has been selected as a top candidate.

Positions That Require Testing

Generally, most Administrative/Clerical/Support positions require skills testing. Please refer to our job postings to verify which positions require testing. Tests are given based on the qualifications for the position.

Skills testing are administered in Software, Customer Service, Data Entry and Office Skills.

Sample testing programs administered are:

  • MS Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Office Skills: Filling, Data Entry, Typing Speed, Grammar
  • Customer Service: Telephone Skills

Testing Appointments

Human Resources will contact the top candidate (s) to schedule a skills testing appointment. Please allow a minimum of 40-60 minutes for testing.

Candidates will be required to complete a background check form and an on-line application prior to or at the time of the testing appointment as well as.