N. Suren Girwarr It Solutions Manager, Fedex Services

Barry University’s program made it easy to earn my BSIT degree. Classes in my curriculum were always available, this made scheduling around my full-time job easy. The courses offered were directly related to my career and helped me advance my position in the IT world."

Dario Rivera

Barry University is a phenomenal place to learn the techniques that will make you successful on the job. The BSIT degree program helped me tremendously as a professional and the instructors and staff provide a family-type relationship with students that has helped me better myself as a person. This program has given me an advantage both personally and professionally so if you are looking to expand your knowledge, the BSIT program is your best choice."

Miyoshi Briggette

I discovered a new world when I joined the bachelor of science in information technology degree program at Barry University. I was always interested in technologies, and this passion has paid its dues when I discovered all mysteries of information systems, computers, business administration, and project management, among many other topics. The Professors are high qualifying professionals who carry the latest credentials and industry experiences allowing then to accomplish the University Mission."

David Mercado

My experience at Barry University has been the most wonderful learning experience as a non-traditional student. As an adult learner, family man, and full working civilian, Barry provided me with the tools and flexibility to become a successful professional. Throughout my two years at Barry, I met nothing but encouragement from faculty, academic counselor, and my fellow students. Thank you for encouraging me to achieved my academic goals. I will be forever thankful."